You’ve found the website of indie author, photographer, and former academic Alexandra Salyga Reynolds. I began my relationship with the written word deep in my childhood, whence no memory escapes. From my first thoughts on the matter, my dream career has been that of an author. Now that I have graduated into my UWO Masters degree in Comparative Literature, I have the space in my life and experience producing a book-length thesis project that now allow me to commit to writing properly.

From my casual reading, I have a love of creepy stories, mystery, adventure, and points left ambiguous. From my academic endeavors, I have developed a taste for dense and well-chosen words in both prose and poetry. I aim to produce writing that would satisfy me as a reader in at least one of these ways.

On Unnatural Authority is currently on the market. I’ll be posting random opinions, short fiction, and other stuff I create here so you can get a sense of what I can do as a writer.